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Sifu Arif (Team)

Mohammad Arif Razali (Sifu Arif)

Founder & CEO

Mohammad Arif Razali (Sifu Arif) has more than 20 years of experience in the world of training and motivation. During that period, he has trained more than 60,000 participants at various levels whether children, adolescents, youth, IPTA/S, government sector, private, Malaysian government ministries and Brunei.

He has assisted more than 500 companies in various business fields such as business consulting, business branding, design, website building, video editing and personal coaching.

He is a Certified HRDF Trainer (Certificate ID: 8df99b4d-0aab-415e-a4c1-3b82d6b98a4d)

Drs Anwar Ismail (Team)

DRS Anuar Ismail

Non Executive Training Consultant

Drs Anwar Ismail Has Almost 15 Years Of Experience In The World Of Training/Camp National Service Training Program (Plkn) Motivation And Speaker To Government Servants (Intan). Directly Involved In The World Of Plkn Since 2006 To 2019 To Guide Youth Participants In Addition To The Assignment Of Facilitator And Master Trainers For Plkn Modules And Has Produced Module Citizenship 2.0 For The National Service Training Program. And For 8 Years Carried The Trust As A Senior Officer In One Of The Plkn Camp In Pahang/Deputy Training Commander (Tkl). Has Experience As A Character Building Module Monitoring Officer, Internal Auditor Officer (Ms Iso 9001: 2008 & Ms Iso 9001: 2015, Internal Auditor Occupational Safety & Health (Plkn-Niosh) And The Climax Of Career In Plkn Is As A Mind Transformation Program Speaker (Ptm) -Jlkn Budaya Kerja Kelas Pertama Dalam Membudayakan Masyarakat. Among The Best Selling Motivational Subjects Are The Power Of Redho, The Power Of Giving And The Patriotic Nation Module.In addition, Leadership Training (Top Visionary Leadership & Invincible Team) Often Receives High Demand And Trust From Participants.

Azizul Azami

Azizul Azami (Broozol)

Non Executive IT Consultant

Azizul Azami (Brozool) is a graduate from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak majoring in Computer Engineering, Majoring In Programming & Hacking.

Formerly served at Petronas Towers as IT Manager.

Extensive experience in the field of software programming and has built thousands of websites starting from 2006 until now.

His special expertise is in the field of building systems, software, websites and apps.

Alif Razali (Team)

Alif Razali (Sifu Creative)

Executive Video Editor & Online Marketer

Alif Razali (Sifu Creative) has extensive experience in online marketing and video editing.

One of her specialties is in the making of video reviews, short drama videos under Cikboy Production Team.

Nur Ezati Razali

Nur Ezati Razali

Executive Admin & Online Marketer

Nur Ezati Razali is a graduate from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) majoring in Bachelor of Social Sciences.

Experienced in handling management and administration related work as well as in the field of online marketing.

Formerly served at Like Method company as Sales Admin.



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